Hector [verb]

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He guessed that the request was connected with Hector Caron's death; and, of course, gave his consent.

Justine tried hard for composure, and answered gently: "I loved my brother Hector."

For Hector ran away from a single man; this hero was never known to run away at all.

Major Hector Munro took command of the British army, and found it in a mutinous condition; desertions to the enemy were frequent.

And then, dear Hector, if you only knew how some people's tempers have altered since you went away!

There was no interdiction against it; Hector Hall, with his big guns, could not ride in and order a man off that domain.

She ceased denying him her face, even smiled a little, seeming to forget Hector Hall and his pending vengeance.

Mackenzie saw at a glance that neither of them was Hector Hall, but one a woman, her loose garments flapping as she rode.

I wonder what kind of an excuse Hector made when he went home without his guns!

I often regret our beautiful Rome, my dear Hector, and cordially do I envy those who have the luck to be there still.