Dominate [verb]

Definition of Dominate:

govern, rule

Opposite/Antonyms of Dominate:

Sentence/Example of Dominate:

While the fires in California, Oregon, and Washington have been dominating US headlines, Brazil has actually topped the charts for fire hot spots globally.

Apple’s annual September event is usually dominated by the introduction of new iPhones.

Apple holds its annual September event this Tuesday, but it’s expected to be quite different from the usual iPhone-dominated unveilings that the company held in the past.

Intel’s era is over now, thanks to the dominating run of its crosstown rival, Nvidia.

That’s a lucrative market dominated by Intel, which has about 90% share.

While all big banks have struggled to make their top ranks less male-dominated, Fraser’s promotion underlines an especially remarkable turnaround for Citi during Corbat’s tenure.

No one has ever dominated the Premier League like Liverpool and Manchester City have in the past three years.

He would especially like to know why wines produced from the limestone-dominated Kimmeridgian soils in Chablis, Sancerre and Champagne, France, all have a chalky, saltlike mineral taste.

The company has been looking to dominate the advertising market and contend with the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Comcast, which owns Xandr rival FreeWheel.

General Rios had not sufficient troops to dominate several islands covering such a large area.