Outshine [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outshine:

In all the firmament of poetry there was no star to outshine his.

You cannot imagine what a woman will do in order to get a new dress, in which to outshine her rival.

I have no ambition to outshine him, nor William Shakespere nor any other erudite.

A wife should outshine her husband in nothing, not even in her dress.

You could outshine all the gilded youth I know, and hold your own with the best.

Beyond the Jordan the Negro will outshine the sun, moon and stars.

He fills his place, and fills it well; and who knows but that he may yet outshine the skylark?

I just wish I could go too, to see you outshine 'em all, which you'll do if you take pains.

As the sun outshines the stars, so do you outshine all other women!

She was fond of dress and finery and trinkets, and burned to outshine her friends.