Excel [verb]

Definition of Excel:

be superior; surpass

Synonyms of Excel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Excel:

Sentence/Example of Excel:

The drill and impact driver themselves are powered by brushless motors and are designed to be lighter and more compact than traditional alternatives, which allow them to excel in tight spaces and during repetitive jobs.

Settings, where a smaller-than-average toaster oven might excel, include small apartment kitchens, auxiliary kitchens, entertaining spaces, RVs, offices, bars, and more.

Fullbright, a video game studio based in Portland, has long excelled at weaving compelling stories that focus on places and the people that inhabited them.

The Swiss company has excelled in producing computer products since 1981, and it has emerged as a leading manufacturer of affordable mechanical keyboards with a wider range of choices than gamer-focused Corsair.

It was an outlet for us to excel and deal with our frustration, and all that.

Countries that excel at research and development can create new products, make them more affordable and export them to the places that can’t pay current premiums.

The small businesses that excel in this area and harness the power of creativity will become stronger than ever before.

Disguised as, well, Paul Bettany, Vision works a vague desk job, excelling at “computational services.”

Led by a number of coaches who excelled on the offensive side — like Steve Nash, Mike D’Antoni and Amar’e Stoudemire — the Nets have looked questionable at times on the defensive end.

That was the first place he encountered computers, excelled at electronics, and drew the attention of a recruiter from Intel.