Outstrip [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outstrip:

And it was as though he were endeavoring to outstrip the feelings which pursued him.

I believe she will outstrip Miriam before the end of the year.

Jeanne did not mean to outstrip them, but she was seized with enthusiasm.

But rapid as their movements had been, they had failed to outstrip Edward.

It will have a constant tendency however to outstrip their wisdom.

Even Lumley Ferrers will outstrip you if you do not take heed.

There was no wind, and they sent a man on at once, hoping to outstrip the enemy and warn us.

If we be not careful he will outstrip us, and we will be void of our quarry.

Men and women of greater gifts might outstrip him in intellectual growth.

Bingley and Jane, however, soon allowed the others to outstrip them.