Tyrannize [verb]

Definition of Tyrannize:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Tyrannize:

Sentence/Example of Tyrannize:

She will tyrannize over you, just as her mother does over the old man.

They pet and tyrannize over Daisy by turns, and she is getting spoilt.

And never (“hardly ever”) has monopoly been able to recover its chance to tyrannize and rob!

And who does not know how ruthlessly women will tyrannize when they are let to domineer?

At present, the servants are set above, defy, and tyrannize over the masters.

Could we be freed from the ruffians that tyrannize over us in any way but this?

Does it not tyrannize over and subjugate the beloved object irresistibly?

Yet he was no irresponsible minister who could tyrannize as he pleased.

If she found them trying to tyrannize over her, she would run off as she did before.

No one in Ireland, he was resolved, should tyrannize except himself.