Domineer [verb]

Definition of Domineer:

oppress; assume authority

Opposite/Antonyms of Domineer:

Sentence/Example of Domineer:

Is it not evident that the desire to domineer over men is the essence of their profession?

You will domineer over her, and desire to have your own way.

They looked upon the people not as the flock of God, but only as their own to spoil, misuse and domineer over.

The Osseous is inclined to dominate and often to domineer over his mate and over his family in general.

However, that's just where the disadvantage comes in—he's too much inclined to domineer.

He forced the weaker to work for him, preferring to domineer over rather than to associate fraternally with his fellows.

So it is foolish, indeed, for the president of a herd to domineer over weaker herds in the jungle.

He sits all his life at his work, likes it only because he can domineer over his clerks and get the better of his customers.

They have no right to domineer as tyrants, and then fall into the most abject of slaves.

Some, it is said, would violently domineer over others, who would groan under a servile submission to their caprices.