Preponderate [verb]

Definition of Preponderate:


Opposite/Antonyms of Preponderate:

Sentence/Example of Preponderate:

Overbold, audacious; overhang, impend; overweigh, preponderate.

So greatly does the influence of the Will preponderate that of the Intelligence.

He is only doubtful as to the extent to which the one doctrine may preponderate over the other.

And even if his money be yet to seek, still more shall it preponderate.

The Jews preponderate everywhere, apparently poor and depressed.

But still they do preponderate; and therefore the rank of the animals is humble.

Yes, I feel that it will come some time—a relationship in which the human will preponderate over the animal tie.

The reasons which induce me nevertheless to decline, under existing circumstances, preponderate.

Though none of them can really exist, in its Christian quality, without the others, any of them may preponderate at a given time.

If the members of it are to revert to a dependence on the democratic choice, the democratic scale will preponderate.