Subject [adjective]

Definition of Subject:

at the mercy of; answerable

Opposite/Antonyms of Subject:

Sentence/Example of Subject:

But there is one subject, on which my mind is filled with foreboding.

Mrs. Davis saw that there was no use in pursuing the subject, and it dropped.

He was not timid, however, and resolved to broach the subject.

What he had to say therefore on the subject would not detain them long.

Connected with this subject is the character of the currency.

At all events, this was a subject upon which I received no enlightening from their confidant.

"Come to me to-morrow, Caleb," continued my friend, changing the subject.

The supremacy of the nation and its laws should be no longer a subject of debate.

Had I been subject only to his examination, my ordeal would not have been severe.

That, indeed, I can do; and as well without a subject, as with one.