Governed [adjective]

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Throughout his career, Ramaphosa has shown himself, says Butler, “to be a genuine believer in rule-governed behavior.”

Democrats will message to their voters that they need a governing majority in Washington to improve health care, the climate, pass coronavirus relief and any other number of issues.

Republicans picked up the New Hampshire House and Senate, giving them total control over governing in that state because they also kept the governor’s mansion.

Vargas, a former Planned Parenthood executive and a Southwestern College governing board member, has grounded her vision for what the county should do in her experience in health care and social services.

As Joe often says, he is campaigning as a Democrat, but he will govern as President for all of America.

At the very least, Kavanaugh’s views suggest that he’s eager to make a lot of sweeping changes to the rules governing American elections — and that these changes are likely to make our elections much less democratic.

They have an interest in talking to the people who help govern their industry.

Because the boundary is governed by quantum physics without the complications of gravity, it unequivocally preserves information.

Unincorporated towns and communities like Rabbit Hash don’t technically have their own mayor—they’re governed as part of some larger group like a township or county.

Regulations governing this access are necessarily strict, to protect not just the parties involved but the clinical development process itself.