Driven [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Driven:

Hence Napoleon was driven more and more to trust to the advice of the rash, unstable King of Naples.

Were they to be driven out,—driven out this very day, when the Virgin had only just now seemed to promise her help and protection?

Punch went out and wept bitterly with Judy, into whose fair head he had driven some ideas of the meaning of separation.

The challenge was accepted and the hay-wagon driven round and the trial commenced.

You would think the poor teacher would be driven crazy, but he seems as calm as a daisy in a June breeze.

It was as if the earlier, loving Lettice tried to assert itself, but was instantly driven back again.

Their left was surrounded and annihilated while the centre and right were driven from the field in complete rout.

Even if he had possessed horses and carriage, there were few roads over which they could have been driven.

To such a pass are educators driven when they lack my Universal Method of cementing Extremes.

It was being driven very rapidly, but very skillfully, and the car was empty save for the driver.