Steered [verb]

Definition of Steered:

guide, direct on a course

Synonyms of Steered:

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Sentence/Example of Steered:

Steered east for four miles, when we struck Mr. Gosse's cart-track.

We have not yet been informed with certainty what course the enemy have steered.

We now up helm, and steered for a vacancy among the British vessels.

We were without a compass, and steered by the direction of the wind and sea.

"That's what I wanted to know," he said, as he steered the canoe over toward the cliff.

He steered the boat due north for thirty days and thirty nights.

It was the compass by which he steered and learned to chart the manners of a new land and life.

They were now in peril; but they had the steam in reserve, and steered for their port.

Luckily I was the first man he tackled, and I steered him away.

They 'most all go to the Regular church and the parish committee is steered by 'em.