Drove [noun]

Definition of Drove:

large gathering

Synonyms of Drove:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drove:


Sentence/Example of Drove:

According to the company, customers call in droves claiming that they’ve caught their biggest fish ever after spraying hooks or lures with WD40 and thus assume that the product must have fish oil in it.

Over the summer and fall, tourists came in droves to Jackson, with as many as 40,000 total visitors in a day.

Today, raw athleticism is almost a prerequisite for the position, and Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen possess it in droves.

Telegram’s specific combination of features, however, make it especially popular among American right-wing extremists, who have joined the platform in droves after being kicked off of Twitter, Facebook, and Parler.

Insurance company stocks sank in droves on the news, mirroring the shockwave Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods sent through grocery stores shares.

Families canceled their reunion dinners in droves as local authorities banned banquets and other large gatherings.

Valorant’s super-fast servers are attracting streamers and pros in droves.

Value stocks are reliable dividend-payers, and investors are flooding into such stocks in droves.

By the morning of November 24, photographers, Instagram self-promoters, and other yahoos had figured out the undisclosed location and were descending in droves, publishing the coordinates and directions online.

It quickly became various packages for up to $60, started losing customers in droves, and most recently morphed into AT&T TV starting at $60 and going up to $130 plus $8 a month extra for local sports.