Throng [noun]

Definition of Throng:

large crowd

Synonyms of Throng:

Opposite/Antonyms of Throng:


Sentence/Example of Throng:

So great was the pressure of the throng that men fainted and had to be carried out.

John watched her till she was lost in the throng on the veranda.

However, Baron Suire again forced his way through the throng.

They shook hands, and Pierre at once tried to get out of the throng.

And this priest lost in the midst of the throng doubtless interested him.

His attitude was that of one who hesitated to demand silence from so well-bred a throng.

When the throng came out to the carry-all I was there and mounted.

The multi-hued apparel of the throng dazzled and astonished me.

I have such a throng of Italians about me that at times I have to shut myself up.

Just before me the throng opened and I saw a woman at my feet.