Concourse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Concourse:

A vast concourse of angry men surrounded the tribunal, and filled the air with execrations.

He had to repress a smile as he followed where the other led him to a gray speedster in a distant corner of the open concourse.

That there would be a great concourse of lords and lordlings and their families and retinues followed as a matter of course.

The father of one of the oldest inhabitants of Riff witnessed the immense concourse of gipsies who attended the funeral.

Formerly Makariew had the benefit of this concourse of traders, but since 1817 the fair had been removed to Nijni-Novgorod.

He turned his eyes toward the tall building at the end of the concourse.

"Quiet," said the man, steering him over toward the edge of the concourse.

The occasion brought together a large concourse of mountain people, who were addressed by the President-elect.

A vast and reverent concourse of mourners of every rank followed his coffin to its first resting-place.

She had not been seen in the gardens before that day, and of course a little concourse was made round her.