Highway [noun]

Definition of Highway:

heavily traveled, capacious road

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Sentence/Example of Highway:

Because of protests in Virginia last year, Hanley said, state police pulled law enforcement resources away from highway safety initiatives to focus mostly on targeting the most dangerous behaviors.

You get more cushioning while driving down apot-hole-laden road with groceries in the trunk, and a stiffer ride when you’re cruising down the highway and want maximum performance.

De-icing salts have contributed to bridge failures and cause cracking and other forms of weathering in highway surfaces.

There were no immediate reports of any serious crashes on major highways in the area.

As expected, the highways look like they are in good shape, but secondary and side roads are snow-covered or getting that way.

Opponents, including some who are threatening a lawsuit, say widening the highways would fuel auto-dependent sprawl development patterns, harm surrounding parks and streams, and bring the highway too close to long-established neighborhoods.

Each sends a current, which get analyzed together as they race along nerve highways towards the brain.

Despite a shrinking staff — the newsroom of about 20 is one-third of what it was a decade ago — she put an emphasis on digital news and enterprise, overseeing a project on highway safety and setting up a statewide coronavirus tracker.

Andrés is a chef and the founder of World Central KitchenIn the age we live in, the digital highway is where opportunity lies.

For example, most of the money doled out by DOT goes to states via formulas that end up building new highways.