Artery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Artery:

On the other hand, his feet are so cold from the artery being severed that they anticipate mortification.

They scoured every main artery and side road and cart track for miles in every direction, he and Johnny the Itch.

The vital artery was missed, as he had anticipated, and the result was as he had foreseen.

On catching him I found that he had somehow severed an artery in his tail, and I had to improvise a tourniquet to stop the flow.

It would be the bursting of the ligature of the artery; and once under the water with its heavy burden, no power could raise it.

As nearly I can determine he died of heart disease or from rupturing an artery through sudden fright.

The throbbing artery whose location this man knew so well was protected.

If it had been an inch further back, it would have severed the temporal artery.

In holding then the west bank of the Mississippi, we have severed the great artery of the South, which is death.

In each sac, the outer wall of the tube has grown inward and carried with it a very tiny artery.