Sewer [noun]

Definition of Sewer:


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Sentence/Example of Sewer:

You'll work another period, sewer rat, if I have to prop you up!

We want a sewer here, a bridge there, a lamp-post or a hydrant yonder.

I never saw the head, and he told me that he threw it into a sewer.

The influence of sewer air was ruled out because there were no sewers.

At the other end of the table, the Sewer, Cup-bearer, and Carver.

It's like drinking wine out of a gold cup that has been washed in a sewer.'

With a low cry the surgeon jumped down a sewer and was seen no more.

He dropped out of sight, like a nickel that rolls down a sewer openin'.

Incapable of further mischief it lies in the sewer, lifeless and despised.

"I will drop it in some ash-can or down some sewer on the way to the office," she said to herself.