Avenue [noun]

Definition of Avenue:

street; path

Synonyms of Avenue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Avenue:

Sentence/Example of Avenue:

You hurry out of the neighborhood, across the avenue that divides one section of town from another, relieved when you reach home.

There are other avenues in biotechnology beyond gene editing that may help reduce the cattle industry’s footprint.

So mathematicians hoped that Bateman and Katz’s breakthrough might offer an avenue into proving the Erdős conjecture, especially when combined with other recent advances.

The Coronado City Council could decide this month whether to pursue a legal challenge, and the best avenue to do so.

Economists have long pointed to home-ownership as a major avenue for building family wealth.

It’s always been hard for marketing teams to truly measure social media interactions, but social media is a critical avenue for establishing and developing organic relationships with your audience in today’s digital world.

Many communities in the United States have decided to take parades online, creating an unprecedented marketing avenue for brands.

One of the biggest challenges is that many of these avenues for performance gains are intertwined.

He left the arabyieh at the western entrance and went on foot down the avenue of headless rams.

Aristide was young, he loved flirtation, and flirtation flourished in the Avenue des Plantanes.