Channel [noun]

Definition of Channel:

pathway, usually containing water

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Sentence/Example of Channel:

As part of her job, Windheim runs the YouTube channel and produces content marketing videos to show off the products’ capabilities.

Some channels are good at creating sales potential, others at unlocking it like, others at both — and some are not very good at either one.

JibJab is testing other channels like Pinterest and Twitter to help broaden its advertising channels as having roughly 40% of its new subscriber volume come from one channel is “risky.”

These streamers seem to be gravitating to popup channels as a way to differentiate themselves.

Moreover, TV and online ads aren’t the only channels marketers have at their disposal.

Initially, Hulu’s self-serve tool would likely pull money away from traditional channels like local TV and radio, but over time, the tool could help Hulu to siphon money away from other video platforms like YouTube, said Rhoten.

Just two months out, the publisher has run some house ads in its magazine, but Wyler said her team will be posting promos on its social media channels and sending them out through its email lists and partner email lists.

Instead, Weiner said the brand gets the bulk of its audience on its social media channels.

This means that your potential customers can reach through numerous channels, so it is extremely important to understand the role of each marketing channel on your customer journey.

You can even use the data to explore new ways to improve your ROI, from picking different keywords to trying out new channels and audiences.