Chamber [noun]

Definition of Chamber:

small compartment, room

Synonyms of Chamber:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chamber:


Sentence/Example of Chamber:

In passing to her own chamber she met the Emperor, and, in the agitation of her maternal fears, told him all that had passed.

The Princess was pale and thin; and, though dressed superbly, seemed fitter for her chamber.

By the last-mentioned staircase access is obtained by the general public to the Council Chamber.

Why, he ordered his chamber-maid to bring him some soap and warm water, that he might wash the sour krout off his hands.

It was still in the verge of possibility that his son might seek his father in that dismal chamber.

On Louis entering his chamber, he sent away Lorenzo; that he, at least, might enjoy the sleep that fled his master's eyes.

They will be further lost in the chamber C, and practically none will remain by the time the chamber D is reached.

Such of the sound waves is pass through the second nick will become attenuated in charging the chamber B.

They were grouped now at the other end of the long, low chamber, by the door leading to the interior of the inn.

Best of all, there hung upon the wall of this chamber a little book-rack filled with well-selected literature.