Chest [noun]

Definition of Chest:

box for storage

Synonyms of Chest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chest:


Sentence/Example of Chest:

He vowed he was taking even better care of himself than usual, but his chest is bad again.

He continued active till his 35th year, when he began to decline, and died of water in the chest.

He held the sabre lower, but the point was kept unwaveringly at the chest of his enemy; his teeth were set.

One baas was bigger than the other, and on his chest and on his body were pictures of birds, and beasts, and strange things.

On his chest was a great inkoos with one eye covered, and on his back a hut with trees growing straight up into the air from it.

Thin, with mighty shoulders and an exceptionally deep chest, it was obvious that his strength must be enormous.

The pipes are of various shapes and sizes and are arranged in ranks or rows upon the wind-chest.

This wind-chest with the slider stop control is about all that is left to us of the old form of key action.

The bellows, being expanded by the wind, pulls down the pallet in the wind-chest; the bellows does all the hard work.

The contents of the pipe-chest he thoroughly knew, for often he counted the pipes.