Exchequer [noun]

Definition of Exchequer:

award; winnings

Synonyms of Exchequer:

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Sentence/Example of Exchequer:

The United Kingdom’s chancellor of the exchequer has been the fastest rising star in the Tory party with clear eyes on No.

But the continual drafts had kept ever in advance of the receipts, draining the exchequer—crippling its faculties.

If it pleased the godly it was a god-send for Bunn whose exchequer it filled to repletion.

The prime-minister, the chancellor of the exchequer, two other members of the cabinet, and an ambassador were his companions.

He was the inventor of Exchequer Bills; and they were popularly called Montague's notes.

He had been ordered by the Commissioners of the Excise to pay ten thousand pounds into the Exchequer for the public service.

While his thoughts were thus employed, he learned that the Auditorship of the Exchequer had suddenly become vacant.

On the 3rd of October the chancellor of the exchequer laid his view of finance for the year before the house of commons.

The resignation of the chancellor of the exchequer involved that of Earl Grey.

The resolutions of the chancellor of the exchequer were agreed to without a division.