Funds [noun]

Definition of Funds:

cash reserve

Opposite/Antonyms of Funds:





Sentence/Example of Funds:

First, how about the expansibility needed to supply adequate funds for crop-moving?

Those who collect taxes without being duly authorized by Government, or misappropriate public funds.

The Institution had a great membership in England, and was generously helped there in the matter of funds by the public.

The invested funds of the society to-day amount to upwards of a million, and in 1897 they were £476,000.

Do the public funds exhibit the slightest symptoms of uneasiness or excitement?

Thereupon the generals hastened round the town to procure funds, and appeased the Visayos with a distribution of 1,800 pesos.

Ecclesiastics, soldiers in active service, and persons receiving emolument from public funds are debarred from these offices.

The funds assigned some years before for the support of the civil list had fallen short of the estimate.

He has exhausted his private credit, and his sullen subjects will not help him any more from the public funds.

Tchaikovskys funds did not permit of this extra strain, and the visit to his sister was abandoned.