Assets [noun]

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For, to do this is to reduce its assets or fund for paying its indebtedness, which the law will not permit to be done.

We found them paying full interest on the cost of construction, and sound assets of the country.

These assets do not include new legislative buildings or other public works.

Can you make out any schedule showing your exact assets and liabilities at the present time?

I started as the son of a broken-down nobleman, my material assets being a trumpery title.

If a debtor has assets and there is no dispute concerning the account, he will usually pay.

These cash assets shall be accounted for irrespective of any such investment.

The assets to be handed over shall be determined by an actuary appointed by the Mixed Arbitral Tribunal.

Depressed states of health are valuable assets in keeping the social organization together.

Mr. Blemish owed over a hundred thousand pounds, and his assets, in round numbers, showed a total of some thirty odd thousand.