Riches [noun]

Definition of Riches:

money and possessions

Synonyms of Riches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riches:




Sentence/Example of Riches:

She cared little for poverty or riches, as long as she had regained her chief treasures.

Riches were, are, and always will be, his predominant passion.

He had gold and silver, diamonds and rubies, riches of every kind.

What riches, or honours, or pleasures, can make us amends for the loss of innocence?

In the providence of God, my riches have entirely passed from me.

What, my dear Cunningham, is there in riches, that they narrow and harden the heart so?

I don't believe you think, or could think, that I care much about riches.

Another had rather get riches by war than live peaceably at home.

They were strangers to riches, and to ambition, for they all lived in a happy equality.

Golden cups, spoons, candlesticks, coined guineas—all the riches were revealed.