Wealth [noun]

Definition of Wealth:

money, resources

Opposite/Antonyms of Wealth:

Sentence/Example of Wealth:

It had been folly enough while he believed that she stood ready to accept him and his wealth.

Wealth is not inimical to welfare; it ought to be its friendliest agency.

They are the volunteers, the owner-drivers of the Corps, many of them men of wealth and title.

He spoke with the sureness of a man of wealth, confident that money will salve any wound.

She tries to deceive Caesar as to her wealth, and is shamed by her treasurer Seleucus.

All the wealth in the world, my soul, is nothing to me compared to you.

In a way, it is true it is also for his wealth that I wish to marry him.

They will be few, and they will come with a small safari, and their wealth will look small to you.

But when the division of all this wealth came to be made, lo!

My wealth is noised abroad, and many covet it, some in high places, I think.