Holdings [noun]

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Carter was a very wealthy man whose land holdings—300,000 acres total—were second in Virginia only to the Fairfaxes.

Now these holdings were recalled sharply to memory, and both of them took train to Coldriver.

At the Governor's suggestion, in order to obtain revenue, the state sold its railroad holdings at a great reduction.

This might have been done by converting the holdings of the men-at-arms into allodial estates, held direct from the Crown.

A considerable number of the tenants expressed their readiness to purchase their holdings subject to the reservation.

If not, we'll use our holdings to raise wheat and livestock.

These speculative holdings made immensely more difficult every common neighborhood task.

Many of the farms were again made separate holdings, and grass laid down in the place of glowing cornfields.

During the same period 373,000 families were evicted from their holdings to provide room for a handful of graziers.

In the country its effect was to undo much of the evil which the diminution of small holdings had done.