Cash [noun]

Definition of Cash:

money; assets

Synonyms of Cash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cash:


Sentence/Example of Cash:

The campaign must report its cash on hand for the end of August by Sunday’s regulatory deadline.

For a little extra cash up front, it significantly increases the protection for your machine.

In theory, CBD could be a cash cow for publishers’ commerce operations, thanks to exploding consumer interest in the category and audiences of stressed out people who have spent much of 2020 stuck in their homes.

The company is not the only one that wants to parlay a cash transfer app into a banking empire—PayPal is rushing to do the same with its Venmo app.

Today, more than half of the world’s 193 countries will trade citizenship or residency for cash.

Apple is partnering with the government of Singapore to launch an Apple Watch health initiative that offers cash rewards to users who take part in the program.

Dalio said in July that investors should favor stocks and gold over bonds and cash because the latter offer a negative rate of return and central banks will print more money.

Indeed, Commonwealth Financial Network’s Peter Essele believes “this isn’t the end of it either”—he thinks we’ll continue seeing deals announced as many big tech names are “flush with cash.”

SoftBank may receive an additional $5 billion in cash or stock if Arm’s performance meets certain targets, the companies said Sunday in a statement.

Like Gary Patel, she applied for a Paycheck Protection Program loan, which provided cash in the amount of 2½ months worth of a business’s typical payroll costs.