Investment [noun]

Definition of Investment:

something given, lent for a return

Synonyms of Investment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Investment:

Sentence/Example of Investment:

Known for its early bets on crypto and for investments such as Coinbase, Brex, and Credit Karma, the firm is looking to acquire a company in the fintech space.

“Right now I think advertisers are still skittish and don’t want to make long-term investments,” said Ron Blevins, vp of media at Marketing Architects, whose clients buy ads in the scatter market.

Large and early government investment “is a well-accepted approach to addressing public health crises,” he said.

You need to create some sort of streamlined methodology for people to be able to engage with, whether it’s investment or donation, there needs to be something.

That’s a result of the return on investment in our first-party data collection and ad tech, which has been a focus for two years.

Levien, on the other hand, is inheriting a paper on a high note with plenty of cash on hand for new investments to further solidify its editorial dominance.

Stocks were the fund’s worst investment in the first half, losing almost 7% overall.

Since then it has secured a raft of investment from the entertainment industry, most notably from Proxima Media last year, the movie studio founded by Kavanagh.

“They are definitely now all in the same market and are now competing with one another straight up,” said Catherine Sullivan, chief investment officer for North America at Omnicom Media Group.

The Daily Pnut team ended up building its own referral program tech stack, which Hsia noted was a significant investment both monetarily and time-wise.