Hunch [noun]

Definition of Hunch:

feeling, idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Hunch:

Sentence/Example of Hunch:

All the domestic oxen without hunches have proceeded originally from the aurochs, and those with the hunch from the bison.

After I had knelt to hold the lantern close to the rails of the rusty timber track I knew my hunch was all right.

I can't persuade myself that Perry's guilty, and I've a hunch that I'm now on the trail of the right man.

On a hunch I dropped in an aluminum alkyl, and then pushed the polymerization along with both ultraviolet and heat.

He did not presume to understand women; he estimated her by a "hunch" as to whether she was good or bad.

Jim was sitting by a fire, eagerly devouring a hunch of cold meat.

Just on a p. 140 hunch, I'll always want a considerable oversupply.

I've got a hunch that we'll find the key to this mystery somewhere between Ash Fork and Flagstaff.

She Was wry-backed, her right shoulder thrust out into a discernible hunch.

I've a hunch something breaks this morning, hope my hunch comes true.