Impression [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impression:

Harm to those who would see them as painfully familiar, and harm to those who would view them with an unfamiliarity that might leave the impression that what’s on screen reflects normal, acceptable behavior.

Because target impression share bidding is based on real-time data, it overrides the bid adjustments from your manual campaign.

Jonathan Stringfield, VP Global Marketing, Measurement and Insights, Activision BlizzardBrands need better ways of measuring the effectiveness of campaigns beyond simply tracking impressions.

The fraudsters pulled off this heist by exploiting server-side ad insertion to falsify ad impressions.

Now all he saw were the rectangular impressions they’d left in the grass.

To meet client objectives for even greater reach and frequency, we activate our proprietary audience segments in paid social and impressions on the open-web.

After all, Ehrlich is just applying the tools of nature writing to climate change, laying out a series of images and observations to give more of an impression than a thesis.

In short, SKADNetwork is Apple’s privacy-friendly way to attribute impressions and clicks to app installs on iOS apps.

I leave this one on because you may not get back to a particular ad unit for a couple days if the other ads are generating impressions and clicks.

Lost impressions represent missed opportunities on searches related to your keywords that you choose to bid on.