Materiality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Materiality:

To get to the principle of all life, as also of all materiality, we must go further still.

Materiality may very well stand the brunt of that unshotted broadside.

It is the consciousness of good only, without a trace of materiality or evil.

Sculpture dispenses with color, painting with the materiality of form.

In other words, materiality and reality are not inseparably associated.

The presence on the step above him was for the time dispelled by her own materiality.

You cannot simultaneously serve the mammon of materiality and the God of spirituality.

The Judge did not perceive the materiality of the distinction.

What is the materiality of the cable or the wire compared with the materiality of the spark?

As already suggested, without this false belief in materiality Christian Science would have been a useless discovery.