Consequence [noun]

Definition of Consequence:

result, outcome of action

Synonyms of Consequence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consequence:

Sentence/Example of Consequence:

Nobody voted for Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, but he, rather than Merrick Garland, is sitting on the Supreme Court as a direct consequence of election outcomes.

We are living the consequences of what happens when these conversations are left to chance.

The aquifer is also fairly protected from sea water seeping into it as the oceans rise from human-caused climate change, a common consequence for many coastal aquifers in California, Danskin said.

As a consequence, it makes it almost impossible for this page to rank well.

Like every summer we have fewer options and the consequences keep getting worse.

By continuing to bail out large companies, our government is essentially telling them they can spend their money as recklessly as they want without consequence.

The disorder is “inflammation as a consequence of some immunological triggering factor,” he says, like a virus, bacteria or autoimmune disorder.

Mary Walshok, the dean of UC San Diego Extension, said ordinances like the one being proposed can have unintended consequences on part-time or less senior workers, like university students who are trying to pay their way through school.

Lab experiments have revealed a curious consequence of this antigravity effect.

San Diegans are unfortunately all too familiar with the consequences of electing leaders who think the rules do not apply to them or show little interest in financial details.