Unimportance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Unimportance:

But a sense of my own unimportance has saved me––or the world, at any rate––from such laments.

Rachel had managed to leave behind a feeling of the unimportance of everybody but Rachel.

The birth of the child only served to accentuate her unimportance in the house.

As never before, Susan felt the curse of the tradition of the unimportance of women.

It makes the individual helpless, and crushes him with a sense of his unimportance.

It's more a sense of apprehension, a realization of my own unimportance.

One of the first lessons I learnt in Spain was the unimportance of time.

Do you not see, our pompous friend, that you are only pointing your own unimportance?

It was in fact the unimportance of the occasion that made him thus yield to his feeling.

No doubt it was part of the game, and done to impress me with a due sense of my unimportance.