Importance [noun]

Definition of Importance:

significance, weight

Opposite/Antonyms of Importance:

Sentence/Example of Importance:

You already know the importance of leveraging local SEO strategies.

Even in 2016, a year without a pandemic, Gallup found that regulating Wall Street was below average in importance to both Democrats and Republicans, with about a dozen issues ranking higher.

It has shown me the importance of cultivating relationships and the value of maximizing moments in life.

They recognize the importance of having those skillsets in-house.

The other thing that Mellaart got wrong about the importance of female figurines was how they were used in everyday life.

The trio are on the road to become chefs while teaching the young viewers the importance of incorporating wellness into their lifestyle.

Many SEOs debate the importance of creating unique meta descriptions.

Another installation, by Santiago Navila, gives life-size importance to the microscopic crisis of plastic bag fragments polluting the ocean.

Brooks wanted to drill into the minds of the franchise’s developing young players the importance of maintaining intense focus and effort for all 48 minutes of a game.

Its acquisition of Pointy, a software allowing local retailers to list their inventory online and appear in local results, will greatly increase the importance of listing optimization for products and services.