Relevance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Relevance:

And, indeed, for one word of relevance were a dozen of sheer chatter.

But he was far too just a man to deny the relevance of the remark.

Relevance to the problem at hand will justify one approach or another.

A pause in the dialogue robbed Gertrude's next remark of any relevance it might have had.

The relevance of this to the experience which we call "seeing the sun" is obvious.

The town was astonished at the relevance and fire of his orations.

It is conditioned by it, it has relevance only in relation to it.

But it will be long before its relevance and instruction have passed away.

I especially fail to see the relevance of the word 'treason.'

No human situation is omitted; as a guide to conduct, philosophy has relevance for all.