Application [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Application:

This system had been in full operation in both districts prior to the general application of the voluntary system.

This demand was made with scornful seriousness; with a ruthless application to the feelings of a son.

It is true that such application is not so high or grand as when they govern ideas, but it is equally genuine.

Modified and amended as their system is in its practical application, it still largely conditions our outlook to-day.

Application of gentle heat or appropriate chemicals will serve to differentiate them.

Of course he was contemplating the application of a "two year old hickory," as he went on at the rate of two forty.

When the method is mastered, the application of it is made with the greatest ease and pleasure.

He was a weaver in the lowest circumstances, who raised himself to distinction by close application to science.

Trevithick was equally ready with the application of steam-power either for pumping of water or for boring and removing rock.

This was probably the first application of high-pressure steam to give motion to pump-rods.