Tenor [noun]

Definition of Tenor:

meaning, intent

Synonyms of Tenor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenor:

Sentence/Example of Tenor:

O that like thine were the tenor of my life, like thine the tenor of my conversation!

The harmonies which you mean are the mixed or tenor Lydian, and the full-toned or bass Lydian, and such like.

Tall and very dark, he looked unlike the ideal Wagner tenor.

The tenor of his thoughts caused him to abandon his caution.

As the tenor of them may not have been very intelligible, allow me to repeat.

"Go it, you deerhounds," shrilled an Irish tenor in the crowd.

The tenor, who may be regarded as the Narrator, calls upon the Watchman, "What of the night?"

After a characteristic introduction, the tenor declares "Chaos, be ended!"

Again the tenor and chorus in a brief number describe the firmament.

But it is necessary to arrest this train of argument, lest its tenor might be misunderstood.