Mood [noun]

Definition of Mood:

state of mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Mood:

Sentence/Example of Mood:

He was no longer in a mood to counsel fight, even though he disliked to submit.

Wild, Quixotic notions of sacrifice flooded his mood of dejection.

In such a mood I wonder why everybody does not write poetry.

She returned and sat again at the table, and the mood vanished in weariness.

Mrs. Roberts was not in the mood to argue; she was bent on information.

I tried to get their names yesterday, but soon saw that they were not in the mood to help me.

He had caught the contagion of her mood and vague alarm swept him.

He appeals to the temper of wonder, and creates that mood in which alone he can be understood.

Neither he nor the men to whom he recited or sang would have understood that mood.

Would she kiss this one or that one, just as the mood took her?