Vein [noun]

Definition of Vein:

mood, tone

Synonyms of Vein:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vein:

Sentence/Example of Vein:

It is somewhat in the vein of "Sourdough" Service, the Yukon bard.

The vein in the neck of the fore-quarter should be of a fine blue.

But I checked him in that Falstaffian vein, urging considerations of time and cookery.

That she was loved, she knew—knew it through every vein and pulse.

When a man makes a hit in one vein of writing they want that and nothing else.

He was, as I have intimated, a person of lofty demeanour, with a vein of high seriousness.

A vein throbbed in the center of his forehead and his lips were tight over his teeth.

Beyond that, it is either too poor to pay, or the vein is hidden.

It is rarely that all the rock of a vein will pay for working.

Why did he feel such languor in all his limbs, why did his blood burn in every vein?