Humor [noun]

Definition of Humor:

comedy, funniness

Synonyms of Humor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Humor:

Sentence/Example of Humor:

This whole school from home thing is hard, I need some humor.

As a child, I’d often join her at the polls and observe how she and her rival ward leader from the opposing party would joust politically, with good humor and care for each other and the community personally.

There’s a lot of art and music, and a lot of humor subgenres that are kind of similar to Alt TikTok.

The Texas native with a wry sense of humor says she’s partial to mixing science and music.

A humor laden 140 characters or less tweet can lead to massive exposure on Twitter, an achievement that would take other forms of advertising, very large budgets to achieve.

So they decided to use the easy-to-digest cartoon format and light humor to boost scientific literacy.

I was a little riled at first myself, but the second and last lady who came out put me in excellent humor.

The gray eyes, once flashing with the light of kindly humor, now softened with sympathy, now glowed with pity.

He was judge of the admiralty court of Pennsylvania; his writings abound with wit, humor and satire.

When Tim hesitates he loses his temper as a sensible man should lose it—he buries it, and his indomitable good humor wins.