Facetiousness [noun]

Definition of Facetiousness:

funniness, silliness

Synonyms of Facetiousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Facetiousness:

Sentence/Example of Facetiousness:

"Sha'n't tell tales out of school," he replied, with another weak attempt at his old facetiousness.

The wretch laughed at her own facetiousness, and at once took steps to have some more "fun," as she called it.

But the genuine humourist sees something in that feature itself, as nature shaped it, to excite his facetiousness.

They certainly know how many make five; and their facetiousness in close proximity to a large British Column was beyond us.

You call a cigar a "convoluted weed," and so on, you know; that passes for facetiousness.

Another example of ready American facetiousness cheered a dull day for me last year in Tennessee.

But I doubt my present stock of facetiousness—that is, of good serious humor—so as not to let the cat out of the bag.

As in duty bound, the lieutenant laughed heartily at the facetiousness of his commander.

This referred, with polite facetiousness, to Mrs. Twomey's stature, and was taken by her in excellent part.

Yet London in his time was literally the village that modern facetiousness calls it.