Wit [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wit:

I wonder that they have not wit to learn English now that they have come under the English crown.

Wit, lad, is a catching thing, like the itch or the sweating sickness.

She was quick of wit, and she read his tone as well as his words.

It is Mary Fitton who has "wit and invention," and is "an admirable musician."

In all the stand up there, wit' their flounces and jewels, there isn't a lady like her.

No, not all: but you overpower me with your wit; and I cannot stand the 'lightning of your eyes.'

He is a man of wit and gallantry—I am unpractised in the ways of the world.

I'll engage, with all her wit, she'll never pretend to answer it.

It would be happy for you, and for every body else, were your obedience as ready as your wit.

Men of all parties enjoyed his wit and graceful conversation.