Pleasantry [noun]

Definition of Pleasantry:

nice remark

Synonyms of Pleasantry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pleasantry:

Sentence/Example of Pleasantry:

I replied, that her pleasantry was much more agreeable than her anger.

Eve thought so too, and she lost all her desire for pleasantry.

I could have kicked him for that pleasantry—if he had not been just then too important a personage to kick.

Sim started at the pleasantry with which Ralph had tried to soothe his spirits.

With which pleasantry, and a touch of the foot, I moved my friend aside.

Thorpe grinned faintly at the hint of pleasantry, but he did not relinquish his point.

He laughed uproariously at his pleasantry as he leapt into the saddle.

On her return she found him exuberant, in a flow of spirits and pleasantry.

Does it not spoil some of your zest for this pleasantry to think how it is paid for, brother?

She laughed briefly, as at a pleasantry, and so Henry laughed too.