Joking [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Joking:

He couldn't know now whether she was serious or merely joking; but notwithstanding it sounded pleasant to his ears.

"I wasn't joking last night when I told Goodell that this was something of a forlorn hope," he said.

Yet they do not appear to feel it as much as might be supposed—they were always merry, and joking over their work.

To which Mr. Sikes replied, he was joking;as if he had been sober, there would have been strong reason to suppose he was.

I repeated the hour,Pg 241 thinking he did not understand, but he said he thought at first we were surely joking.

Joking apart, you have a literary vein, and I should be very glad if it proved strong enough to make an author of you.

A few, mindful of the California tradition, were joking and relating the absurdities of their experience.

The talk about a professorship was in her estimation the wayward, humorous whim of an eccentric who was fond of solemn joking.

Casting joking overboard—out of the pulpit if you like—it may be said that Mr. Martyn as a preacher has many fair qualities.

If I could believe that there was any thing more in that than your joking, Mr. Jack, I should be precious uncomfortable.