Flightiness [noun]

Definition of Flightiness:


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Sentence/Example of Flightiness:

All that day and the next the sons wondered what was amiss with their mother, she was so pensive, with starts of flightiness.

Rose, with all her flightiness, was too proud to plead with a servant, and walked out in silence.

Marriage, flightiness, lack of vision, lack of help and encouragement from fathers and brothers all tend to make it hard.

And she was off, leaving her ambitious parents to shake their heads over her flightiness.

The least flightiness was reprimanded, and any pronounced flirtation was visited with the last penalty.

Though this flightiness of dressing is much to be deprecated, and fills the minds of young people with vanity.

A man can hardly swing up to extravagant hopes without dropping to sarcastic self-reproaches on his flightiness and vanity.

Think of her growing up in such an atmosphere of disunion and flightiness as that weak mother of hers must have given her.

They were perplexed at his 'flightiness'—wanted him to enter the loco.

That was well enough for her in her days of flightiness and frivolity.