Flippancy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flippancy:

"That I don't know, sir," the girl replied, speaking with a flippancy that was careless and almost impertinent.

In parliament he had hitherto opposed all popular measures, sometimes with insolent flippancy.

"They might as well kill a man as scare him to death," he said, with an attempt to get back to his customary flippancy.

But when he had carefully dressed for it, and was immersed in its shallow flippancy, he reacted the other way.

In the ecstatic solemnity with which she swore her faith to him the ordinary sensibilities of sex seemed a flippancy.

He had caught the war fever late in life, and late in the war, and his son's flippancy surprised and pained him.

His incurable flippancy, however, stood in the way of his promotion and finally ruined him.

His flippancy and irreligion as he grew old alarmed the Comtesse de Gramont, who was very devout, for the safety of his soul.

“By lying too long in one position,” he replied, unconsciously emulating her flippancy.

Did the fools expect him to believe their flippancy spelled confidence, or were they deceiving themselves?