Cockiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cockiness:

It struck me at one time that there was a good deal of cockiness on that side of the Atlantic, that has entirely disappeared.

They had long regarded our Government as ignorant of European affairs and amateurish in its cockiness.

There is a self-sufficient "cockiness" about him that soars above all compromise and defers to nothing and to nobody.

The captain went from cockiness to doubt, from doubt to anxiety, and then to anguished fury.

More startling was the selfsame hairline scar traversing his cheek; the same touch of cockiness in the set of his face.

And all this high-hat cockiness aint going to do you one little bit of good.

"The Forts and Libs will make it through," Weather said with a lot of cockiness.

He regained his cockiness on the trip home, though, and insisted on talking all the way.

His polite and affable smiling, his cockiness and his suavity—all these were part of a pose.