Genuineness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Genuineness:

There still is good in many of their notions, a surviving streak of idealism, a genuine quality of young inspiration.

The content shared via Instagram Stories is typically more raw and unfiltered, which allows brands to create a more genuine image.

By late January, as millions of us rejoice while waiting to get a needle jabbed in our arms, Nationals Park should be the home of two new thumping bats and at least two new arms that are genuine upgrades.

It’s contrition that feels like it came from a battered schoolyard bully, only genuine.

It’s also important to create genuine oversight, so that people feel their data isn’t being misused, and put effort into cross-border collaborations so that your app doesn’t stop working when you move from one place to another.

For all of these reasons, the CEOs who participated in these sessions agree that a genuine commitment to purpose can drive business results.

The 65mm telephoto lens is a genuine upgrade for shooting portraits and zooming in general, even if it can’t quite match the optical zoom skills of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Team members feel that the culture is genuine and family-centric, which results in a positive work environment centered around work-life balance and community involvement.

It’s about building genuine relationships with people that celebrate diversity and a wide range of human experiences.

To underscore the argument and prove that there was a genuine threat of non-citizen voting, Kobach’s team hired Richman as an expert witness.